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How to wear your black ankle boots this winter?

This autumn, the trend is towards quiet luxury, a fashion trend epitomised by black ankle boots. They may appear understated, but in reality, these leather shoes are a casual pair that transforms into a wardrobe essential, much like the widely popular little black dress. This tried-and-tested model calls up the repertoire of timeless city shoes that can be worn all year round. With an undeniable cool factor, black ankle boots are perfect for tackling the chilly season in style.

Black is a timeless, elegant element that always exudes a touch of luxury. The colour goes well with a wide colour palette, ranging from bold colours to pastel shades. Ankle boots are the perfect model for walking for hours as they effortlessly create an elegant silhouette. Black leather ankle boots are therefore the perfect combination to spice up any everyday outfit. From classic lines to modern pairs, which model do you choose from the countless ankle boots available?

01 Which model of black ankle boots to choose?

Women's black ankle boots Regine 7 Melvin & Hamilton

Even if your classic lines are reinvented and refreshed every year, black ankle boots never go out of fashion and remain an important part of your wardrobe. For a comfortable yet bold outfit, choose black ankle boots in smooth leather with a square toe. For a more casual style, choose lace-up ankle boots with chunky heels. If you're the adventurous type, opt for cowboy boots. More present on the catwalks than in westerns nowadays, they are adorned with pop colours and metallic details this autumn. They are undeniably the guest stars of the season!

Black ankle boots for women, our favourite models:

Black ankle boots for men, our favourite models:

02 What trousers to wear with black ankle boots?

Women's black cowboy boots Marlin 74 Melvin & Hamilton

Pairing your black ankle boots with the right, well-cut trousers that fit your size perfectly will transform your look in an instant. Neither too long nor too short, they should sit gently on the edge of your shoes to frame them elegantly. To keep it simple, wear your black ankle boots with a pair of straight jeans and an oversized white shirt - a casual look that reinterprets the classic dress codes for workwear. If you want to create a more formal look, wear cigarette trousers or high-waisted trousers, either in black or white for a monochrome look or in a vibrant colour to contrast with your shoes.

03 Which coat can you wear with black ankle boots?

Women's ankle boots black Selina 29 Melvin & Hamilton

A corduroy blazer, a beige trench coat, a leather bomber jacket... Choosing the right coat is key to perfecting your outfit with black ankle boots. If you want to be bang on trend for autumn 2023, pair your ankle boots with a suede shearling jacket: this bold piece will add elegance to your look and keep you warm all winter long. For a more classic silhouette, opt for a grey or black wool coat with a straight and fitted cut. This timeless style harmonises elegantly with black ankle boots and creates a beautiful silhouette that suits every occasion.

04 Can you wear your black ankle boots in the transitional season or in summer?

Women's ankle boots Black Sybill 33 Melvin & Hamilton

The answer is a clear yes! Good news, black ankle boots can be worn all year round. With the right pieces of clothing, they will be your best allies even in warm weather. Opt for natural materials such as cotton or linen to stay cool. For mild spring evenings, combine your ankle boots with a long, light dress. On sunny days, you can also wear them with a pair of denim shorts, a perfect choice for a summer festival.


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