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How to combine lace-up ankle boots this winter?

We declare the season of lace-up boots open. No more classic leather ankle boots, instead originality is the order of the day. As elegant as they are timeless, lace-up boots will make a comeback this winter and will perfectly withstand the weather and winter temperatures. Whether with thin soles or thick, jagged soles, these models instantly add a special touch to even the most formal outfits.

These boots are made for walking! In fact, the biggest advantage of these shoes are their comfort and the ease in which you can wear them for a long time without any pain while strolling through the streets (and reach your daily steps goal). They are durable and will last through the seasons without aging: For a unique style and a modern silhouette, lace-up boots are ideal.

Lace-up boots are a mix of chic silhouette and outdoor look and can be found in both men's and women's wardrobes. In terms of style, these models are very easy to combine, as they can be styled with most trousers, shirts and T-shirts. You should only consider the length of the trousers, which should fit snugly above the ankle, either by a hem or simply by a rolled-up edge.

These winter ankle boots fit your ankles perfectly thanks to the lacing system that allows you to adjust the width of the boot to your stature. Whether you have slim ankles or muscular calves, there's something for everyone! Here are our styling tips for lace-up boots that you can wear all year round.

01 Lace-up ankle boots for men: how to combine them properly this winter?

Men's ankle boots Dylan 4 Melvin & Hamilton

With these shoes, you can embrace the season's trends while staying true to your style. To really enjoy these on-trend shoes, pair them with the colours in your wardrobe to create a look that suits you. The question you're probably asking yourself is: which trousers go with lace-up boots? The perfect transitional wardrobe consists of a pair of cotton chinos, a close-shouldered jacket and a pair of lace-up boots. It's a smart outfit that you can wear from morning to night, whether it's for a party or a day at the office.

Men's ankle boots Trevor 34 Melvin & Hamilton

For a more formal outfit: brown lace-up boots, navy suit trousers, a turtleneck and a well-fitting trench coat are the quintessence of chic. To keep the colour scheme of your look harmonious, choose socks that are at least one shade darker than your trousers. Finally, straight leg jeans maintain their status as style icons year after year. Pair your favourite model with lace-up leather ankle boots. Opt for this combination of different colours and textures, an original and harmonious whole that combines tones and fabrics.

02 Lace-up boots for women: How to combine them properly this winter?

Women's ankle boots Leonie 20 Melvin & Hamilton

Lace-up ankle boots are a winter essential, as are high boots or lined ankle boots. For an event, a meeting or just because you want to look chic that day, wear biker-style lace-up boots, a mini dress and sheer or opaque tights. The track sole will add a modern touch to any outfit for an original winter look. Choose a pair of straight jeans or cotton trousers that are perfect for the transitional season. They should not be too long so that the details of your ankle boots can be seen.

Women's ankle boots Sybill 21 Melvin & Hamilton

For a rock-chic look, these high ankle boots are perfect with 7/8 trousers and a bomber jacket. With their chunky laces, stylish studs and jagged sole, these super-trendy black ankle boots are perfect for stretching your silhouette and strolling in comfort and style. This model will instantly add a sophisticated touch to your look. For a more boho silhouette, choose an embroidered blouse, brown leather ankle boots and flared trousers or palazzo pants. For a more casual look, choose cargo pants. With back pockets, cargo pants are a casual cotton style that can be worn for any occasion: formal with a blazer jacket or cool with an oversized shirt and a thin jumper on the way to the office.


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