Toni, Lewis & more - time for men's bestsellers!

Men's shoe families Melvin & Hamilton

If you follow us closely, you probably know already about our shoe families. In this article you will discover the characteristics of the main shoes families for men as well as our size advice.

As we have explained you in our article about female shoe families, each name corresponds to a certain form (tip, length...), which declines itself in many different models (derby shoes, ankle boots...). That means if you feel good in monk shoes Toni size 40, there's a big of chance you can order size 40 of Toni derby shoes and they will fit right. Without further due, here are our bestselling men's shoe families.

01 Toni, pointy

Men's oxford shoes Toni 44 Melvin & Hamilton

Have you met Toni? Toni is one of the all-time favourites of our clients. These pointy shoes come in a variety of styles, in perforated or smooth leather, with stitched details and cut outs, as well as with brogues. Find you perfect everyday companion among our range of classic derby shoes and elegant oxford shoes

Size tip: Toni has a pointy tip and sizes rather standard, so order your usual size. 

02 Lance, miscellaneous

Men's oxford shoes Lance 61 Melvin & Hamilton

Our Lance has so many different faces! Whether you feel like going for colourful monk shoes, elegant Oxford shoes with full brogue tip or maybe original derbies with a twist, you won't be disappointed! Lance is not afraid to play with different types of materials or to add a few rivets here and there. So which one is your favourite? 

Size tip: Lance is quite big so we recommend ordering a smaller size. 

03 Lewis, gentleman

Men's ankle boots Lewis 26 Melvin & Hamilton

Get the perfect gentleman look with Lewis! Elegant business shoes with a certain twist, ankle boots with animal prints, inspirations by British chic trend, Lewis has so much to offer. You will be charmed by his elements of interlaced leather and laser cut-outs which stand for our brand's appreciated know-how.

Size tip: Lewis sizes large, thus you can pick one size smaller than usual. 

04 Jeff, colourful

Men's derby shoes Jeff 14 Melvin & Hamilton

It's time for Jeff - our playful companion! In his family you will encounter colourful Oxford shoes, derby shoes with animal prints as well as unique ankle boots. Jeff is not afraid to play with different types of materials as well as most trendy colours and will suit you if you're up for some extravagancy. 

Size tip: while choosing Jeff, you should order a smaller size.

05 Eddy, vintage

Men's derby shoes Eddy 5 Melvin & Hamilton

Feeling nostalgic? Eddy shoes with a vintage touch are your perfect choice. Whether you're looking for derby shoes with original details or ankle boots in vintage style, take a look at our Eddy collection! Dandy style shoes are just a few clicks away! 

Size tip: Eddy tends to size large so we suggest ordering a smaller size than usual. 

06 Rico, class & twist

Men's oxford shoes Rico 15 Melvin & Hamilton

You may already know Rico as classic shoes, but with a certain twist. Mix of smooth leather with suede leather, broguing, combining a few shades of black and brown - that's what you can expect from our Rico! Elegant derbies or oxfords, for business and casual looks, find the right fit for you among our Rico family! 

Size tip: Rico has a tight form, we recommend ordering your usual size.