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The must-have men's shoes for the office

Today we are going to talk about a question that is on many of our minds: what shoes should we wear to the office for a professional look? Are formal shoes always the best option or can we wear more casual shoes with jeans and a t-shirt? How do you choose stylish and practical shoes for long working days?

After your long day at the office, you may be planning to go out afterwards without going home. So to avoid compromising your end-of-day plans, it's important to choose a comfortable pair of shoes. You'll be on your feet for several hours, doing a lot of walking, and you don't want your feet to hurt before you even get to your party. When looking for comfortable work shoes, make sure they fit well, whether you have wide or thin feet. It is important to buy a shoe that will allow you to spend the day at work in comfort and without pain.

When it comes to style, you have a variety of options, from casual to elegant. Which shoes should you wear with your suit or with your casual chino? Find all our style tips to choose comfortable men's shoes and create a professional and stylish look, summer or winter! And if you're not sure which pair to choose, why not carry a spare pair in your bag, just in case you change your mind? Put on your favourite shoes and conquer your busy day in style and comfort.

01 The dress shoe guide for a flawless office look

Men's Oxford Shoes Lance 41 Melvin & Hamilton
Men's Derbies Ron 2 Melvin & Hamilton

For a formal and elegant look in the office, opt for classic, dress shoes. The two most popular men's styles when it comes to business attire, oxfords and derbies are both great values that ensure a sophisticated look. With their "closed" look and tight lacing, oxford shoes are ideal for thin feet. With a more open vamp, derbies are perfect for all body types.

Looking for a more avant-garde and modern style? Opt for monks with buckle closures. Leather loafers are also a casual yet stylish choice, while leather ankle boots are perfect for a rock-chic look. Whatever you choose, make sure the colours of your outfit don't clash with those of your shoes.

02 Casual yet professional: the perfect shoes for a casual office look

Men's Sneaker Harvey 88 Melvin & Hamilton
Men's boots Dylan 4 Melvin & Hamilton

It's time to relax a bit and wear casual shoes! For a casual yet stylish look, why not opt for the trend of the year, perfect for mid-season: the loafer and sock pair. For a more daring look, high top trainers or white trainers will bring a fresh touch to your chino or your suit that is a little too formal.

Leather mules are also a comfortable option for summer office wear. And for cooler days, try timeless Chelsea boots or lace-up boots! They are comfortable and add a cool twist to any office outfit. Take a break from stiff shoes and try something more suited to your mood now.

03 Forget office shoes: here are comfortable shoes for your homeoffice or a coworking space

Men's Derbies Jeff 14 Melvin & Hamilton

In homeoffice, it's (very) easy to let yourself go a bit and stay in your pyjamas all day. But it's important to maintain a certain routine, even if it means ditching traditional office shoes for something more casual. The perfect teleworking shoes are both comfortable and stylish, and allow you to stay focused and comfortable.

Forget the classic office shoes and opt instead for models that combine comfort and style in a stylish way. Leather sneakers, sandals and mules are great for telecommuting: they are easy to put on and take off, and will keep you on the move. For a more formal outfit, you can also opt for boat shoes or loafers.


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