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How to wear sneakers with a suit without committing a faux pas?

Apart from the tailcoat or the three-piece suit, which you wear once in a lifetime (and even then), the suit for men has become a real basic in the male wardrobe. The days when you had to wait for special occasions to wear your suit are well and truly over. If for many, the suit is still synonymous with elegance, leather sneakers are a shoe model that evokes more of a sportswear and casual look.

Yet this hybrid combination is both chic and comfortable. Ideal for being modern and stylish in the blink of an eye, this pair will be perfect for leaving your office, rushing into the metro or getting on your bike to your party without worrying about your outfit. For a wedding, a party or simply to go to the office, all occasions are good to wear sneakers with a suit.

Sneakers and a suit are a trend that can easily be integrated into your daily look. Indeed, what could be more modern to brave the cold with elegance than swapping your classic city shoes with a pair of trainers? All you need to do is follow a few simple rules to make this combination a success. Find out all our tips to help you combine a suit with sneakers, a duo that will quickly become your favourite look.

01 What kind of suit to wear with sneakers?

Men's Sneakers Harvey 9 Melvin & Hamilton

Traditions around this essential men's piece come and go. But the choice of fabric will always be the central element to take into account. It is indeed the finishing touches and the material of your suit that make it precious. For a cool look, choose natural materials such as cotton or wool. Particularly popular in summer or mid-season, a linen suit is perfect for the summer season. For a more formal look, choose silky, satin fabrics such as silk or velvet.

Your jacket should be well structured on your shoulders and fitted at the sleeve length. For your trousers, choose a model with a hem or hemline that sits gently on your instep. Pay attention to the colours and textures of your shoes: they should be consistent and harmonious with your suit. Also, to avoid clashing with your suit, it is important to choose quality shoes.

02 Black or navy blue suit: which sneakers to wear with a dark suit?

Men's Sneakers Harvey 9 Melvin & Hamilton

Sneakers have become a staple of men's fashion, and are ideal for walking the streets in comfort. Worn with a suit, they instantly add a casual and modern touch to any look that is a little too formal. This makes the suit cooler than ever, and sneakers can be a great addition to a dark suit! With a black suit, break up your outfit and opt for simple, clean white sneakers. For a more classic, all-purpose silhouette, choose grey, dark blue or black sneakers. One last tip: even if high top sneakers can, in some cases, be elegantly paired with dressy trousers, low sneakers should always be worn with a suit.

03 Beige or grey suit: which sneakers to wear with a light suit?

Men's Sneakers Harvey 88 Melvin & Hamilton
Men's Sneakers Harvey 88 Melvin & Hamilton

While sneakers are the ultimate hybrid shoe, the suit is no less practical. In many ways, they are a basic part of a man's wardrobe that will accompany you throughout your activities. In terms of colour, trainers will also bring a casual touch to your light-coloured suits. Classic in appearance, they can easily be twisted and modernised. With a grey suit, a beige or light blue suit, brown leather sneakers are for example a sure bet for a casual-chic look. With or without socks, white minimalist sneakers are also a popular option to complete your outfit. A tip for white sneakers: make sure they are clean. Neutral colours are the easiest to match with all your outfits, but opt for colourful sneakers to create a surprise! A bold combination for a sunny silhouette.


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