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New collection: the key trends you can't miss this season

If February is for some the most depressing month of the year (in competition of course with November), spring is only a few weeks away. Spring also means mild temperatures, longer days and a new Melvin & Hamilton collection!
And yes: shoes are also subject to changing trends and the spirit of the times.

So if you want to hit the hot concrete this summer in style, or go for a spring weekend in the countryside, we've done the homework for you and we've put together the shoe trends that will shape spring-summer 2022.
Bright, sunny colours, comfortable materials and bold designs. These trends outline a colourful and optimistic season, a breath of fresh air that is just right.

Here is a new collection that we hope will make you want to jump in time and land directly in the early days of spring. Close your eyes and visualise: coffee, a terrace, an almost summery heat... We have the right to dream. To celebrate the arrival of the warm weather, let's zoom in on next season's hits and on the shoe trends to follow closely in 2022, from new models to revisited classics.

01 What are the trendy colours for spring-summer 2022?

Softness and minimalism: 50 shades of pastel

spring summer 22 Melvin & Hamilton

Pastel is in the spotlight this season: light blue, pale pink, lilac... A palette of soft, airy colours for a refined style. Between tone on tone and optical illusions, pastel plays with volumes and textures: two-material Chelsea boots on the women's side, cream and studded sneakers on the men's side... These nude tones will be perfect to give a fresh look to a summer or mid-season outfit.

Men's pastel sneakers Melvin & Hamilton

Gold, silver or glitter shoes: let's party!

Fancy a night out and a dancefloor? You've come to the right place. If you missed partying in 2021, 2022 should live up to your expectations, at least stylistically. Festive tones on metallic, glittery or lame fabric are a sure bet for the next season. So to make a statement, go for couture details, iridescent shades and add a pair of shoes that will be your best jewellery. The more glitter, the better.

Monochrome or by highlights: energetic orange

Wedge mules Melvin & Hamilton

In all-over or on shoe details, orange is the colour of next spring. A vitamin-rich, upbeat hue that instantly brightens up a dark outfit or the classic combo of jeans and white t-shirt. Whether it's blood orange, coral or terracotta, add a vibrant touch to your style to brighten up your outfit (and your mood).

02 What are the trendy shoes for spring-summer 2022?

Fisherman sandals

Men's sandals Melvin & Hamilton

For several seasons now, there has been a renewed interest in the outdoor attire: sports footwear and techwear are more and more used in everyday life.

From camping to the catwalks: discover the gorpcore trend. Fisherman sandals, once reserved for treks and hikes in the woods, have become essential pieces in this fashion trend. Also known as gladiator sandals, these sporty but elegant leather sandals are perfect for a daring and slightly vintage look. Known for their comfort, they are also ideal for long walks

Platform shoes

White wedge mules Melvin & Hamilton

2022 gives the thick soles and wedges their rightful place. Platform shoes from the 90's will be back this summer!

With heels to defy the laws of gravity, or a simple platform, these chic shoes are perfect for the home office: easy to put on and easy to take off. For a classic, no-frills look, pair them with a long dress with bohemian accents. For a hippie chic silhouette, dare to wear high-waisted, flared denim with a white embroidered blouse.

Coloured sneakers

Men's coloured sneakers Melvin & Hamilton

If you're not a big fan of heels, we have good news for you: leather sneakers are still very much in vogue in 2022.

This summer, pop colours and graphic patterns are replacing the classic but timeless white sneakers. No matter what the weather or time of day, a pair of colourful trainers that are both chic and comfortable will dress up any man or woman's outfit. From a sportswear look during the day to a more elegant evening silhouette.

Ankle strap shoes

Nostalgia for the 1920s, the year 2022 brings a comeback of ankle strap shoes. These classic models will be gaining ground from spring onwards.

With tights or socks for mid-season, these essential shoes of the women's wardrobe will also be perfect for a summer wedding. To match the preppy style, pair them with a short, structured dress. To play the retro card, choose a high-waisted skirt and a printed vintage t-shirt.

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