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Pastel tones and pop shades - the key colours for the upcoming season

Coloured shoes are the centrepiece of any outfit and have been creating some fashion hype for a few seasons now: from colourful sneakers to two-tone Chelsea boots. Bright shades for men and pastel tones for women, this season promises a palette of soft and sunny colours! If you want to replace the grey from winter with some warm spring colours, don't miss these two major colour trends for the summer season 2022!

Men's boat shoes Dustin 8 Melvin & Hamilton

Melvin & Hamilton's artistic trademark is the creation of unique colours. However wearing these colours elegantly requires a few styling tips. How to wear the colours of the season? How do you combine them without making a mistake? To find the perfect pair of coloured shoes to wear all year round, here's a selection of our favourite shoes to give as gifts or to treat yourself this spring.

01 Men's collection: bright colours and pop shades for spring

Men's sneakers Harvey 9 Melvin & Hamilton

Whether for a long spring weekend or a summer wedding, go for the bold colours of our new collection. Graphic shapes and primary colours: In the men's wardrobe, the colours of the season are indeed bright. Whether red, green or multicoloured shoes, the pop shades of Melvin & Hamilton models add a touch of optimism and freshness to all your outfits, for a casual look or an elegant silhouette.

Men's oxford shoes Lance 44 Melvin & Hamilton

Monochrome or subtle colour accents - two ways of styling exist: some combine bright colours with each other while others prefer to create contrast by combining a primary colour with a neutral tone in a lighter or darker shade. Either way, choosing to pimp your outfit with a splash of colour is always a safe bet! So how about adding a little vitamin C to your look?

Our favourite selection for spring:

Our favourite selection for summer:

02 Women's collection: creamy shades and pastel colours for the summer season

Women's sneakers and handbag in pastel colours Melvin & Hamilton

Soft and bright! Whether leather or suede, pastel and its powdery shades are in vogue this year and will take over from the first signs of spring 2022. Pastel is timeless, easy to wear and can be combined as a detail or in an all-over look. Pale pink with dark brown, cream with anthracite, mint green with black...pastels should be combined with a darker colour palette to elegantly highlight them. Natural and delicate, pastels become more prominent when combined with bold tones.

Women's ankle boots Fay 1 Melvin & Hamilton

In terms of looks, go for the spring spirit and some romance and opt for a long, flowing dress, a wicker basket or a mini leather bag. For a more retro look, perfect for the summer period, choose some vintage pieces: high-waisted jeans, lace blouse and a leather perfecto for colder days. For the more fashionable, dare to wear a cream-coloured complete look, perfect for a day in the office as well as to the restaurant afterwards.

Our favourite selection for spring:

Our favourite selection for summer:


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