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Belt and suit pants: what is the ideal combination?

Most suit trousers have sewn-on fabric loops, but whether or not a belt should be worn is controversial.
So there is one question in the world of men's fashion that comes up again and again:
Should you wear a belt with a suit, and if so, how do you choose the perfect belt to go with this important piece of a man's wardrobe?

Some defend the belt as an indispensable accessory, while others like to opt for a simple, no-frills look. From classic leather belts to colourful styles: Explore the different options and find out how you can combine your belt with different suits. Find all our fashion tips here to stay one step ahead in 2024.

01 What are the advantages of wearing a belt with a suit?

Men's belt Larry 1 Melvin & Hamilton

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the leather belt also plays a very specific role. It cinches the waist, holds the trousers in place and ensures a perfect fit.
In the world of suits, the fit and silhouette are of crucial importance. A well-chosen belt can create a clear transition between the top and bottom of your outfit and give you a balanced look. Whether you opt for a classic leather belt or play with more daring materials and designs, this accessory can be the detail that transforms an ordinary suit into a perfect outfit for a party or just for going to the office.

02 Guide to the different types of belts you can wear with your suit

Choosing the right belt is a tricky task. First of all, it is important to choose the right size for you, but the colour of the suit, the material of the belt and the shape of the belt buckle are also important factors that influence this decision. So the choice of belt can be just as important as the choice of suit itself.

Black or brown leather belts remain a safe bet, a timeless and versatile option. For a more casual look or for occasions where a touch of originality is welcome, patterned or coloured belts offer an interesting alternative. They add a unique texture to your outfit and are particularly suitable for light summer suits.

Our selection of black or brown leather belts:

Our selection of colourful leather belts:

03 Leather shoes and belts: how to combine them stylishly?

Men's derbies Martin 15 Melvin & Hamilton
Men's oxford shoes Lance 41 Melvin & Hamilton

The colour combination of shoes and belts is an indisputable rule. For some, it is a somewhat traditional rule, but this colour coordination helps to create a uniform silhouette. Although this rule is a valuable guide, be aware that there are exceptions that leave room for creativity. Slightly different shades between belt and shoes create a subtle contrast, most notably: black and dark blue, brown and bordeaux, dark green and camel colour.

However, matching goes beyond just the colour. It is equally important to match the material of the belt with that of the shoes. Leather belts naturally go well with leather shoes, creating harmony in texture and overall aesthetics. On the other hand, braided belts or belts made of linen go well with more casual shoes such as sneakers or loafers.

04 The beltless trend: Simplicity and minimalism!

Men's Oxford shoes Lance 44 Melvin & Hamilton
Men's oxford shoes Lance 44 Melvin & Hamilton

The trend of doing without a belt is becoming increasingly popular. But in what contexts does minimalism prove to be the best alternative to a suit? It's an option to consider if you're looking for casual elegance.

The beltless trend works particularly well with light suits, light-coloured trousers or summery linen outfits. All of these looks are suitable for this cool and casual approach. To successfully implement the beltless suit, it is important to pay attention to the cut and size of the trousers. If the trousers are not tailored, balanced proportions and a perfect fit are important so that the look doesn't look unkempt.


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