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6 smart ways to style your suit with your leather shoes

A wedding, a job interview, a meeting or simply because you want to dress up... The suit is a must-have in every man's wardrobe. Whether you wear it every day or only on special occasions, it is important to choose a suit that is appropriate for the occasion. There are several aspects to consider when choosing the right model, first and foremost the cut. To feel comfortable in your suit, you should pay special attention to its shape. It should be fitted, narrow and snug around the shoulders and waist. It should be neither too wide nor too tight, yet you should be able to walk and sit comfortably.

Men's Derbies Dylan 5 Melvin & Hamilton

So the fit of your suit will dictate the direction you should take when it comes to shoes. The good news is that most men's shoes go perfectly with suits: Leather loafers, oxford shoes, derbies, ankle boots, monks.... Whether traditionalists like it or not, leather sneakers are also high on the list of shoes that go perfectly with suits. They are elegant and super comfortable, and are more and more often seen on the feet of fashionistas in combination with a casual suit.

To score points with your outfit, the right choice of colour is crucial: How do shoes and a suit go together? Which shoe colour should you choose with a suit? What are the best combinations? Every detail counts. Here are the impeccable combinations that will make you look elegant in any suit no matter what.

01 Which shoes to wear with a light suit?

Men's Loafers Leonardo 46 Melvin & Hamilton

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of shoes to go with a light-coloured suit, the range of options is almost limitless. Natural shades such as light brown, beige or dark brown, for example, create a harmonious look, while primary colours provide a bold contrast that accentuates your silhouette. The only rule: choose a colour that can be elegantly combined with the colour of your belt!

The choice of material for the shoes can also make all the difference to white or beige trousers. While smooth leather is a timeless and versatile choice, suede of nubuck leather will add texture to your outfit. Canvas shoes are a cool and lightweight option for summer days.

When it comes to styles, derbies are always a safe bet. With their open lacing and clear design, they add a sophisticated touch to any suit. Less formal but very elegant are chelsea boots and sneakers, which go perfectly with a light-coloured suit.

02 What shoes to wear with a black suit?

Men's Derbies Pierce 2 Melvin & Hamilton

Here's a formal, uncomplicated and risk-free choice. From James Bond to Men in Black - the black suit is a real eye-catcher. Just like grey, black goes with (almost) everything and offers the perfect playground for your creativity. Depending on your tastes and the event you're invited to, you can go for red derbies or blue loafers with black, bold socks or a graphic patterned shirt: the finishing touch that gives your outfit the cool twist it needs.

03 What shoes to wear with a brown suit?

Mens Derbies Emil 10 Melvin & Hamilton

The all-round colour par excellence is brown. If you're looking for a suit that you can wear to different occasions, look no further. Black business shoes are an excellent choice with a brown suit. Black ankle boots, black derbies, black oxford shoes.... some leather shoes that combine beautifully with most shades of brown, from bold to soft pastels. For a casual look, white sneakers are perfect to contrast with a cream or tan suit. Brown combined with white is indeed a successful choice to soften a look that is a little too elevated.

04 What shoes to wear with a burgundy suit?

A colour that has been in men's wardrobes for several seasons. If you're invited to a casual event and want to try something special, a burgundy suit is your perfect ally to stand out from the crowd. For shoes, opt for a shade of brown that is slightly darker than the colour of your suit. With burgundy, you can go for shoes with original details: platform shoes or shoes with thick sole, studded monks, loafers with buckles...

05 What shoes to wear with a grey or blue suit?

Mens Derbies Martin 15 Melvin & Hamilton

A grey suit combines elegance and modernity and can be worn for all occasions, from the most formal events to casual dates. To create true harmony with light grey, you have a wide range of possible combinations. It is discreet and elegant and goes perfectly with leather shoes in dark tones: burgundy oxford shoes, dark brown loafers as well as lighter tones: camel derbies, white sneakers.... If your suit tends towards anthracite or navy blue, you should opt for dark coloured shoes.

Men's derbies Bond 1 Melvin & Hamilton

06 What shoes to wear with a linen suit?

A statement piece for effortless chic, the linen suit is perfect for less formal occasions. This natural material sets the tone for your silhouette: elegant and casual, it can be worn to a wedding or a spring or summer party. For elegant shoes, choose neutral colours and natural materials: suede loafers, light leather mules, camel boat shoes... For the brave: Opt for leather sandals that are easy to slip on and therefore a must-have for summer - a combination that works every time!


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