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Here are the three trend colours that you will see this winter

It's a well-known fact that every season has its own colour. As winter begins, there is a return to comforting materials and shades. While there are many variations, aubergine, dark green and brown are the essential organic colours of the season. These three natural and trendy shades will find their place in the wardrobe of any adventurer in search of the perfect pair of shoes for winter, to walk the streets in style.

Melvin & Hamilton's artistic signature is indeed the creation of unique colours. Aubergine, dark green, brown... From soft, wintry colours to pop tones, these declinations of shades will be unanimous from November onwards to face the falling mercury with elegance. To give in to the hegemony of warm and enveloping colours, wear them sparingly or in a total look. A monochrome outfit can be used as a neutral base to test these original colours and create a perfect harmony with the shades of your outfit.

Without further ado, here's our selection of colourful leather shoes that you should get to leave autumn and Indian summer in style. The winter season will be colourful!

01 The aubergine and its vintage Look

Women's loafers Scarlett 22 and handbag Aria Melvin & Hamilton
Women's derbies Amelie 3 Melvin & Hamilton

A wave of warm colours is hitting your wardrobe in November. For a casual look or a more elegant silhouette, the colour aubergine will bring a sophisticated touch to all your outfits. How to wear it better than anyone else? You can easily combine this colour with patterned fabrics or original textures. Moreover, the perfect compatibility of this colour with a myriad of other shades will allow you to easily wear your pair of shoes on many occasions: from a wedding to a business meeting, with 7/8 jeans, a long dress or even a midi skirt.

02 The elegance of khaki green

Women's loafers Scarlett 22 Melvin & Hamilton

Along with bold colours like aubergine, greens are also back in style. If you're going for a minimalist look, dark green is the perfect alternative to black as it adds a certain depth to any outfit. If you want to change your look in an unexpected way, wear khaki! This colour combines perfectly with more neutral tones and embodies the essence of elegance. A white knitted dress or suit trousers combined with a white jumper in fine wool make khaki a two-tone look.

Men's derbies Toni 1 Melvin & Hamilton

03 The warm shades of brown

Men's ankle boots Dylan 4 Melvin & Hamilton

The sophisticated shades of brown add a chic touch to any outfit! The many different shades that revolve around brown allow you to play with your look by layering colours and textures. From camel coloured shoes to darker browns, these warm and subtle colours are easy to wear. Worn with blue jeans or black suit trousers, this colour instantly adds a fresh touch to a simple look. Brown is also a real eye-catcher when combined with bold shades!

Women's derbies Betty 16 Melvin & Hamilton



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