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How to wear ankle boots with a dress this spring?

In pouring rain or under warm spring sunshine, pairing ankle boots with a dress is a flawless match for mid-season temperatures. How do you elegantly combine these two iconic pieces of women's wardrobe?

Womens ankle boots Jade 8 Melvin & Hamilton

The art of wearing leather ankle boots with a dress lies in the subtle balance between boldness and harmony, because if the devil is in the detail, then so is your look. Lace-up boots, Chelsea boots, cowboy boots... It's essential to follow a few style rules to make this combination a brilliant part of your everyday life.

01 How to wear ankle boots with a black dress?

Womens ankle boots Emma 8 Melvin & Hamilton

As trends evolve and change with the seasons, one piece remains a safe bet: the black dress. A true wardrobe classic, it pairs wonderfully with leather ankle boots. For a work outfit, opt for Chelsea Boots and a fitted black midi dress cinched at the waist, a cut that elongates your silhouette. Complete your look with statement jewelry and opaque or sheer tights if the temperatures cool down.

02 How to wear ankle boots with a white dress?

Womens ankle boots Nyra 2 Melvin & Hamilton

The minimalist, immaculate white dress takes on a whole new dimension when paired with ankle boots. For a bohemian look, opt for animal print or suede styles. To add a touch of rock chic to your outfit and create a contrast with the simplicity of your dress, dare to wear lace-up boots or studs. With a white dress, forget black tights! Instead, slip on a pair of fine wool socks to keep your feet warm.

03 How to wear ankle boots with a colourful dress?

Womens ankle boots Paisley 3 Melvin & Hamilton

For those who like to wear pop or pastel shades, the combination of ankle boots and a colourful dress offers an infinite range of possibilities. Black, brown, camel... Opt for boots in neutral tones for a balanced look, or dare to go tone on tone by choosing boots in a similar shade of colour to your outfit. Matte or patent, play with the finish of the leather on your shoes to create a unique and daring silhouette.

04 How to wear ankle boots with a long dress?

Womens ankle boots Finja 8 Melvin & Hamilton

Chic and cool, long dresses, whether flowing or structured, can be elegantly combined with leather ankle boots for a look that's both casual and sophisticated. Opt for platform or low-heeled ankle boots for optimum comfort and an elongated silhouette. For a seventies-inspired look, choose cowboy boots or fringed ankle boots, and layer vintage jewelry and a leather belt to complete your outfit.


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