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Suede: how to wear this summer's trend?

This is the material that you have been waiting for, and that will not be leaving us any time soon. Very trendy in the 1970s, suede leather is back in your dressing room for the summer. Also known as nubuck, it is as comfortable as it is stylish and unlike any other material. Soft and ultra-light, it is the key fabric for summer 2023.

No matter which style you go for, casual or dressy, suede leather is a great match for any look. Its soft yet robust texture transforms a classic look into a more casual and modern silhouette in the blink of an eye. Suede is usually well known for its use in clothing and accessories: fringed jackets, miniskirts, wallets, and handbags. The good news is that it can also be found in shoes.

Women Sneakers Nuri 11 Melvin & Hamilton

An ode to the summer season, suede can be also worn all year round and its natural shades can be combined with a tone on tone palette of earthy colours, or with a range of flashy shades. This iconic material with its hippie chic feel is the perfect complement to your outfit. For a stroll by the sea, a few days out in the countryside, or for a series of appointments and errands, here is a selection of suede shoes to try out right now.

01 Men's shoes in suede leather

The suede sandals

In July, opt for light, fresh textures: suede leather is an ideal breathable material, and sandals are the go-to summer model. When it comes to looks, play with contrasts by pairing your suede sandals with more formal pieces. For instance, together with a patterned shirt and a linen suit, these sandals are perfect for a beach party or a summer wedding.

Boat shoes in suede leather

Men's boat shoes Earl 13 Melvin & Hamilton

Introducing the shoes that will accompany you all summer long. Casual with straight jeans or dressy for a rustic wedding, suede is the ideal material to wear from spring onwards. For a summer event, go for a minimalist look by pairing your nubuck boat shoes with a light-coloured suit that will highlight your (already slightly) tanned glow. To show off your elegance, this is the perfect combination of chic and casual.

Suede loafers

Men's loafers in suede leather Nelson 20 Melvin & Hamilton

How to wear suede with flair? Keeping it simple and comfortable by choosing to wear loafers is always a good idea. These casual city shoes look great and are perfect to wear without socks as soon as the weather is right. For a day in the sun or a walk in the countryside, go for coloured suede loafers to give your outfit a fresh look: a light summer chino, a linen shirt, and perhaps even a denim jacket once the sun goes down.

Men's sneakers in suede leather

The summer season is no exception to the rule: leather sneakers have become a must-have shoe for men. At the heart of the fashion scene for several seasons now, suede sneakers are perfect for walking the streets in style. This men's model is practically made for summer: light and comfortable, it is perfect for a chic and minimalist look. When it comes to dressing, create contrast by selecting plain colours to complete your outfit: white jeans or a white cotton t-shirt, and a light, fitted black blazer.

02 Women's shoes in suede leather

The suede sneakers

Women's sneakers suede Nuri 11 Melvin & Hamilton

In preparation for summer temperatures, choose shoe models that combine style and comfort. For your August or July travels, from the city of Marseille to Rome, suede sneakers will be your ideal travel partner. With these models, play with colours, textures and exciting combinations! Wear your sneakers with high-waisted jeans, a midi skirt or palazzo pants for a comfortable casual chic look.

Mules in suede leather

Women's mules in suede leather Adley 15 Melvin & Hamilton

Investing in classic, timeless pieces, such as a pair of leather mules, can save you long minutes of staring at your shoe cupboard in contemplations. To be on trend, go for high-waisted wide-leg trousers and a silk shirt. Suede leather works best when combined with another rich material: silk, smooth leather or matte leather, for example. For a more urban look, rolled-up boyfriend jeans and a vintage t-shirt are right up there among the fashion trends. When it comes to colours, opt for tone on tone: light brown, camel, cream or grey.

Loafers in suede leather

Women's loafers in suede leather Adley 3 Melvin & Hamilton

As soon as the summer weather hits, suede loafers are the perfect way to create a bohemian look with a touch of the seventies. Choose a long, flowing dress, loose-fitting jeans or a lace blouse. Suede also goes well with patterns: striped trousers, floral dresses, checked shirts… Don't miss out on any opportunity to experiment with colour and print combinations.

Suede espadrilles and sandals

To wander the streets in the morning and stroll on the warm sand in the afternoon, give yourself the best of both worlds by choosing a pair of sandals or espadrilles in suede. As for the style, master the art of minimalism and create a clean look: shirt dress, high-waisted white shorts, oversized blazer or light linen shirt. For the more daring or if you're all about colour, mix and match the light shades of suede with flashy colours.

03 How to clean suede shoes?

Men's loafers in suede leather Earl 27 Melvin & Hamilton

Suede leather is the epitome of elegance, but it is more delicate than its smooth leather cousin: sensitive to moisture and grease, you will need special products to care for it. In our dedicated article, you will find all the necessary steps to clean suede shoes.

In order to care for your suede shoes properly and to keep them in good condition for as long as possible, we also recommend using shoe trees whenever you are not wearing your shoes, so as to preserve their original shape and avoid creasing.


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