Amelie, Jessy and co. – meet most popular product lines for women!

Shoe families Melvin & Hamilton

Melvin & Hamilton is a family brand with tradition. Since the beginnings of its creation, shoes destined for women carry female names. It also shouldn’t surprise you that we create shoe families.

Each name corresponds to a certain form (tip, length...), which declines itself in many different models (derby shoes, ankle boots...). If you are comfortable in derbies Amelie size 37, you will feel equally well in Chelsea boots Amelie size 37. Let us introduce you some of our bestselling families.

01 Amelie, bestseller

Women's oxford shoes Amelie 70 Melvin & Hamilton

Amelie is our bestselling line and a core model of Melvin & Hamilton collections. Whether you go for the ankle boots, derbies or oxford shoes, all Amelie models have a common form and are often dressed with brogues. Whether you prefer classic or funky colours, leather sole or ultra-light rubber sole which seems massive but is actually very light, there is surely an Amelie that will correspond you!

Size tip: Amelie's will fit you best if you have rather narrow feet. We also recommend you to take it in one size smaller than your usual one.

02 Jessy, stylish

Women's oxford shoes Jessy 43 Melvin & Hamilton

With our Jessy you'll be stylish to the point! Women in Paris, Milan and London are happy to adopt the pointy shoe tips which add a bit of edge to any classic style. Fashionistas can find a selection of Oxford shoes, derbies and ankle boots, always made of genuine leather. Our pointed flat shoes are made of carefully chosen sustainable and mostly vegetable tanned leather. We love adding details such as our logo to the sole or patina to the toes, it's what makes our shoes original and creative.

Size tip: Jessy's form is quite narrow and pointy so we recommend to order your usual size.

03 Susan, everyday

Women's ankle boots Susan 67 Melvin & Hamilton

Susan will accompany you everyday, it will match your outfits with incredible easiness. You will be ready to rock your day. Elegant boots, various Chelsea boots, rock style ankle boots - that's all Susan! Made of crock leather imitation, perforated or smooth leather, with colourful elastics or metal details, Susan exists in over 60 variations!

Size tip: choose one size smaller than you usually wear.

04 Sally, elegance

Women's ankle boots Sally 19 Melvin & Hamilton

Have you met Sally? Sally collection will impress you with elegant Oxford shoes, cute derbies and casual ankle boots, handcrafted with love. If you're looking for the perfect dress shoes, take a look at our Sally styles: you will be charmed by women's brogues, calf hair shoes, always elegant and with rounded tip.

Size tip: Sally sizes standard, you can pick your general size.

05 Selina, colourful

Women's ankle boots Selina 29 Melvin & Hamilton

Selina has all the colours of the rainbow! It's the model that cheers us up on grey mornings and fill us up with positive energy to go through the day! Selina's characteristics are unique colours, leather tassels, perforations and cut-outs, as well as colourful ultra-light rubber soles. Monk strap shoes with brogues, tassel loafers and colourful Chelsea boots made of vegetable tanned leather are waiting for you - sustainable and handcrafted out of love for shoes!

Size tip: when choosing monks go for one size less, while ankle boots - take your standard size.

06 Betty, unique

Women's derby shoes Betty 3 Melvin & Hamilton

Betty is a unique soul, with its feminine details it is one of the favourite styles of our female clients. It doesn't stop to impress us with its high-quality leather and refined elements. So what will it be? Beautiful derby shoes with tassels, flat lace-up booties with decorative cut-outs or stylish Chelsea boots? Choose your favourite Betty right now!

Size tip: Betty sizes big, so take one size smaller than you usually wear.

07 Scarlett, feminine

Women's mules Scarlett 2 Melvin & Hamilton

Scarlett is at once very classic, but also quite daring. Often it surprises us with original details such as patches, buckles and stripes. Whether you are looking for iconic horsebit loafers, leather mocassins with embossings or original mules embroidered with fur, take a look at our Scarlett collection which has the strongest personality out of all shoes families.

Size tip: when you fall in love with one of our Scarlett styles, choose your standard size.

08 Marlin, playful

Women's ankle boots Marlin 46 Melvin & Hamilton

Marlin always keeps the same form but has many different faces. Pointed ankle boots Marlin like playing with conventions, you will find it with neon patches, as leopard print Chelsea boots, studded ankle boots, western ankle boots so called cowboy boots or country boots...

Size tip: order one size smaller than you usually wear.