4 fashion tips to style high boots

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Worn by fashion icons such as Brigitte Bardot and immortalized in cult films such as Pretty Woman, high boots have been a staple of women's wardrobes for decades. They provide a wealth of inspiration for revisiting women's wardrobe and add a sophisticated touch to even the most classic looks. Whether you opt for an understated or bold colour palette, it's time to embrace tall boots and give them their rightful place in your wardrobe.

The best part? High boots elongate the figure, keep ankles and legs warm, and offer unparalleled comfort. There is a wide range of leather boots, but some of them are very popular this year. Here we show you the season's top styles and how to wear them for the perfect look. We've got a selection of high boots to choose from, and tips on how to wear them for all occasions.

01 How to wear high boots with jeans?

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Leather high boots are ideal with jeans, giving a chic twist to any casual outfit. For a full-length silhouette, our first tip is to tuck your jeans into your boots. It's important to avoid baggy cuts and bell-bottom trousers, as they can break up the lengthening effect of high boots. For a casual chic look at the office, pair a white shirt with raw denim slim jeans tucked into black or brown leather high boots. You can also opt for black or white skinny jeans for a more modern and sophisticated look. In jeans and boots, don't hesitate to mix casual clothes with more chic pieces by playing on the cuts and materials for a subtle and elegant contrast effect.

02 How to wear high boots with a dress?

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High boots are a staple of a woman's wardrobe and work wonderfully with dresses. To make this combination work, it is important to choose the right cut for your dress. Long, flowing or body-hugging dresses are perfect with high boots. For a bohemian chic look, opt for a long dress with floral prints and brown leather riding boots. For a more casual look, you can wear a jumper dress and high boots with notched soles. For a rockier look, choose a denim dress with black leather high boots. Don't hesitate to mix colours and prints for a more original and assertive look.

03 How to wear high boots with a skirt?

Women's Boots Leonie 21 Melvin & Hamilton

If you prefer skirts to dresses, knee-high boots are also a very stylish choice to complete your outfit. To add a little texture to your look and play with materials, slip on a leather or suede skirt. Mini skirts are also a great option, worn with tights or bare legs with stockings or long socks. For a bohemian chic look, a long floral skirt with brown leather boots is a romantic and trendy alternative. Finally, if you want to adopt a retro look, the 90s trend is bringing back the denim skirt. Pair it with high boots for a grungy look that's sure to make an impact.

04 How to choose the right pair of high boots

Whether you wear them with a skirt, jeans or dress, tall boots are a stylish and sophisticated choice. Now that you've mastered the style brief, it's time to get down to choosing the right style: here are some tips to help you find the perfect pair of boots.

Firstly, select your boots according to the height of the shaft: this will define your look and should be based on your height. If you're short, choose boots that are below or just above the knee. If you are tall, choose over the knee boots or knee-high boots.

The shape of the boots is also important: if you have wide calves, choose soft leather boots that will fit your calves perfectly. For slim calves, look to hard leather, or lace-up boots for a perfect fit.