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Women's fashion: how to combine socks with loafers in style?

How to stay stylish when temperatures are low? This is a question we ask ourselves every January. But winter wardrobes can be cheerful and creative. This season's trend? The combo of loafers in smooth or suede leather, worn with socks! These two are a great pair. Why should you be tempted by this daring combination? Simply because it will add a touch of originality to your outfit in the blink of an eye, while ensuring a certain comfort, thanks to these shoe models that will adapt perfectly to the shape of your feet.

Sometimes preppy, sometimes retro, the women's leather loafer goes through the seasons without getting old. It is a timeless shoe model, an essential basic that can be worn all year round. This particular combination, which might seem strange at first, is actually very easy to adopt. To be chic while keeping your feet warm, dare to twist your classic loafers with socks!

To give these timeless models a fresh look, discover in this article how to combine comfort and elegance by adopting the leading trend of autumn-winter: loafers worn with a pair of socks. Here are our tips on how to match this famous duo with style.

01 When to wear loafers with socks?

Women's loafer Jade 6 with socks Melvin & Hamilton

For a casual summer look, it is generally accepted that loafers should be worn barefoot. But fashion has no strict rules and it's important to feel comfortable in what you're wearing: there are many occasions when it's appropriate to slip your feet into comfortable socks. For a fashionable look, or simply because the weather dictates it, thin socks will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. At the office or for a casual evening out, it's always more comfortable to wear socks with loafers to keep your feet from freezing in rain or when temperatures drop. In winter or mid-season, the loafer-sock combo will be a formidable fashion ally. 

02 What socks to wear with women's loafers?

Women's loafers Scarlett 64 with socks Melvin & Hamilton

Let's start with the most classic socks: neutral-coloured socks made of cotton or fine wool. They are discreet and won't steal the show from your loafers. They are also comfortable and breathable, ideal for your everyday looks. If you want to add a touch of colour or originality to your outfit, you can opt for printed socks. However, choose minimalist prints that don't clash with the colour of your loafers.

For a formal look, glitter socks, polka dot and elegant fishnet knee-high socks are also options to explore. How to match colours for a successful look? It's important to play with contrasts by choosing socks that contrast with the colour of your loafers. The trio we think is the best: brown loafers and navy blue socks, black loafers and red socks and finally black patent loafers and white cotton socks.

Loafers to wear with light-coloured socks

Loafers to wear with dark socks

Loafers to wear with high socks

Loafers to wear with patterned socks

03 Socks with loafers: what to wear for a trendy look?

Women's loafer Jade 6 with socks Melvin & Hamilton

The leather loafer is a staple in both men's and women's wardrobes. These stylish shoes can be worn with a wide variety of clothes, but for a unique look, it is important to choose the right outfit to complete your look. How to make the loafer-sock trend simple? Casual combinations that work every time include a ribbed maxi dress, 7/8ths trousers or raw-edge rolled-up jeans. Wrap yourself in a trench coat or wool coat on cooler days, the perfect compromise between chic and comfort. For a more formal look, put on a black dress, black polka dot tights, patent leather loafers and black socks. The ultimate in elegance!

04 Loafers and socks: how to avoid style mistakes?

Here are some tips on how to adopt this style and tick the style boxes while avoiding faux-pas. First of all, pay particular attention to the model of your socks, it is indeed preferable to avoid socks that are too short, sports socks or thick woolen socks with loafers. For aesthetic reasons, but also for comfort, it is important to maintain the right balance between your socks and your loafers. As for colours, avoid skin-coloured socks and also colours that are too close to those of your shoes. Choose socks that contrast with your loafers for a more elegant look. Don't hesitate to play with patterns and colours to bring a touch of fantasy to your outfit.


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