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As autumn dawns, warm colors set the ball rolling

As the leaves begin to fall and the breeze gently settles in, it's time to dive into the colours of autumn-winter 2023. Indian summer is here, and with it a new opportunity to play with colours and materials. This pivotal time of year invites us to slow down and dress in enveloping hues. Flamboyant reds, bottle greens, dark browns... An inspiring palette that signals the return of winter before its time.

This season celebrates warm colours. From multicoloured styles to delicate monochromes, the shoes for autumn/winter 2023 promise us style and comfort. Whether you opt for bold colours or more subtle hues, our new collection offers an eclectic range of ways to express your style.

Men's ankle boots Trevor 28 Melvin & Hamilton
Vancouver Handbag Melvin & Hamilton

Autumn 2023 is the perfect time to stand out from the crowd and bring your own style to life with original shades. So discover our new bright color variations to spice up all your looks! We show you this season's on-trend colours in pictures.

01 Leather shoes in burgundy

Women's ankle boots Charlize 2 by Melvin & Hamilton
Leather backpack Osaka 3 Melvin & Hamilton

Red is back after being ubiquitous in the summer season. Red never goes out of fashion and is the quintessential Swiss Army knife colour. This gorgeous hue is the epitome of sophistication and will add a touch of glamour and warmth to your autumn wardrobe in an instant. This year, red returns with subtle shades of black and darker gradations that add depth to this primary colour. Opt for red shoes or a red leather bag to bring this red hue into your looks in spots.

02 Dark green leather shoes

Men's derbies Pierce 2 Melvin & Hamilton
Women's loafers Gianna 3 and men's monks Lance 1 Melvin & Hamilton

Dark green delivers what it promises for a season that is all about elegance. Whether sneakers, derbies or loafers - green shoes can be easily combined with a variety of colours and add a modern touch to any outfit. Dark green remains the most popular shade for autumn 2023. It adds a soft touch to your winter looks and can be elegantly combined with winter fabrics such as cashmere, wool or mohair. What are you waiting for to succumb to the call of green?

03 Brown leather shoes

Women's loafers Jade 58 Melvin & Hamilton
Men's monks Pierce 25 Melvin & Hamilton

Brown has not said its last word. This hue evokes the end of summer and autumnal landscapes. It's perfect for brightening up a dark outfit and bringing warmth to the greyest of days. While dark brown is synonymous with elegance, light brown and camel will bring a bright touch to the cold season. Loafers or ankle boots, suede or smooth leather, brown is a warm, timeless choice.

04 Two-tone or multicoloured shoes

Women's Oxford shoes Selina 24 Melvin & Hamilton
Men's ankle boots Pierce 21 Melvin & Hamilton

And finally, two- or multi-coloured shoes remain a timeless option that you can wear both in everyday life and on special occasions. Brown, orange, grey... A palette of delicate shades that have been updated for this season. A mixture of timeless hues that can easily be combined with your office attire or more festive looks.


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