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Why opt for a pair of "Budapest" shoes or brogues?

At Melvin & Hamilton, we dearly value craftsmanship and quality of the materials we use. To suit your different activities and lifestyles, we offer a wide range of products: from derbies to monks, from ankle boots to loafers and oxfords. All available in different colours and materials.

Which of our various pairs of shoes are the leather derbies with the elegant perforated toe, also known as the "wingtip cap"? How are they made? These hand-stitched leather models are essential for creating a style with a vintage or more business-like feel, and are known as "Budapest" shoes or "brogues". With small perforations and open lacing, here is a practical guide to recognising the Budapest shoe among its peers.

01 Budapest shoe models: history and characteristics

Men's oxford shoes Lance 41 Melvin & Hamilton

These shoes are named after their city of origin, Budapest in Hungary. The master shoemakers who invented these particular derbies developed this model at the end of the 19th century. In Hungary, the "Budapest" shoe is called "Karlsbader". "Budapest shoes" are often presented as men's shoes, but this is not quite true... Most of the original "Budapest" style shoes are for men, but there are also very trendy shoes for women, who are hard to resist.

Men's ankle boots Martin 5 Melvin & Hamilton

The main characteristic of this model is the numerous small perforations, but also the shape: these open lacing derbies, usually with 5 eyelets, are known for their nicely perforated double seam. In addition, the slightly wide toe of these shoes gives them a unique look. You will notice a wingtip cap, reminiscent of the decorations on the back of the counter, close to the heel. Three final features distinguish brogues from other leather shoes: an inset toe, a high vamp and a fairly wide heel with a double sole.

02 Men's Budapest shoes: how to wear them?

Men's monk shoes Patrick 24 Melvin & Hamilton

Brogues can be worn for any occasion: a wedding, a day at the office or a weekend away. For an elegant or sporty look, you can wear them with a pair of jeans or with a charcoal grey or dark blue suit. So why not try a qualitative, hand-sewn Budapest model that you can wear all year round?

03 Women's Budapest shoes: how to wear them?

Women's oxford shoes Sally 38 Melvin & Hamilton

At Melvin & Hamilton, the men are fond of this comfortable and chic model.. And the women, too! In winter or mid-season, they will be perfect to have an elegant look while remaining comfortable, and can be worn with straight jeans, or with a long dress and black tights. Chic and modern models, which will instantly add a lot of style to your outfit.

Women's ankel boots Selina 29 Melvin & Hamilton

Do you have any questions regarding our different models and shapes? Would you like to know more about the handcrafted production of our products? Stay up to date and subscribe to our newsletter! Follow us on our blog to get the latest information about our collections or the latest trends!


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