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What are the men's sneaker trends for spring 2024?

Leather sneakers are an essential part of any man's wardrobe. They offer a wide range of possibilities and are easy to wear every day. In smooth leather, suede or canvas, men's sneakers embody a certain consistency that transcends short-lived trends. Their clean look and sporty lines make them a favourite choice for men in search of elegance and comfort.

Sneakers for men Tyler 1 Melvin & Hamilton

For spring 2024, leather sneakers come in a palette of bright, rich colours, instantly adding a cool touch to any outfit. With coloured tongues, thick soles, and a variety of textures, our collection of men's sneakers promises an exciting mid-season ahead. To help you make the most of your style, let's take a look at all the sneaker trends for spring-summer 2024.

01 Chunky-sole sneakers: elegance and comfort in perfect harmony

Sneakers for men Harvey 9 Melvin & Hamilton

Spring-Summer 2024 is an ode to comfort and style, led by the chunky trend. Following in the footsteps of dad shoes, inspired by a revisited sportswear aesthetic, thick-soled sneakers are elegantly casual. Paired with a cotton chino or straight jeans, these hybrid shoes add a touch of originality to every man's look. Whether for a sunny day or an evening by the sea, thick-soled sneakers are the perfect combination of style and comfort.

02 Multicoloured sneakers to express your style

Sneakers for men Harvey 111 Melvin & Hamilton

For spring 2024, forget monotony and make way for the energy of primary colours that won't go unnoticed. From geometric patterns to colour gradients, multicoloured sneakers can be worn all year round. Somewhere between light and sturdy, these models will add a touch of pop to your silhouette in the blink of an eye and become the focal point of your outfit. Worn with suit trousers for a minimalist look, colourful sneakers are an essential style statement for mid-season.

03 The timeless elegance of monochrome sneakers

Sneakers for men Tyler 1 Melvin & Hamilton

Classic and timeless, sneakers in black, white, or dark blue are an essential part of any man's wardrobe. A symbol of elegance, these versatile shoes are suitable for all occasions, from a day at work to a summer evening, perfect with white trousers and a navy blue shirt with a Mao collar. Monochrome sneakers are also ideal for wedding outfits: teamed with a well-tailored black or blue suit, they'll add a discreet touch of sophistication to your outfit, confirming their status as a men's wardrobe essential.


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