Have you ever asked yourself how those pretty, classy shoes with the floral detailing at the toe-cap are called and how they’ve been made? Those hand-crafted models are called Budapester shoes. This style is an all-time favourite and very popular, especially when it comes to vintage and business shoes. Today we teach you a little bit about shoe knowledge. Get to know the Budapester shoe!
    Budapester shoe Dave 3 Melvin & Hamilton

    Budapester shoes – Characteristics and history

    The Budapester shoe is often defined as a men’s shoe, which is only half of the truth. Most of the original Budapester models are made for men, but there are some models for women. It’s more the special character of the details which is the main characteristic of this shoe.

    It is well-known to be an open-laced, double-stitched derby shoe decorated with broguing. This special decoration gives this model his unique character. It also comes with a heel cap and wing cap. It features a high toe cap and a large heel on a double sole.

    The Budapester is a shoe for every occasion: it has a very elegant but also sporty touch. Combine them with jeans or with a business suit, depending on what your plans for the day are. As you can see: invest in a high quality, hand-crafted Budapester and you will wear this model through all seasons of the year.

    But where has the Budapester shoe its origins? It is named after the city of Budapest in Hungary. The shoemakers there invented this unique model and have been developing it since the end of the 19th century. Also good to know: in its homeland this model is known as “Karlsbader”.

    Budapester Style at Melvin & Hamilton

    We at Melvin & Hamilton handcraft our shoes with love and care. We offer you a large variety of shoe models: from derbies to monks, from loafers to oxford shoes. All these variations combined with a wide range of colours and textures guarantee you the unique Melvin & Hamilton style. To offer you the Budapester style, you will find a lot of our derby shoes featuring the famous Budapester style! At Melvin & Hamilton not only men get to wear this distinctive model. You will find the floral brogue on many models for women as well.

    We want to present you a few pairs of Melvin & Hamilton shoes showing the famous Budapester style for her:

    Budapester shoes derby shoes women's brogues Betty 3 Melvin & Hamilton
    Budapester shoes derby shoes women's brogues SallyMelvin & Hamilton
    Jessy 6 Black HRS
    Betty 2 Deep Pink
    Amelie 3 Wood Navy

    ...and for him, we're presenting you men's brogues:

    Budapester shoes derby shoes men's brogues Freddy 2 Melvin & Hamilton
    Budapester shoes Oxford shoes men's brogues Lewis 15 Melvin & Hamilton
    Kane 5 Dark Brown LS Brown
    Rico 16 Rio Wood Suede Pattini Navy
    Jeff 14 Wood Yellow Winter Orange Ultra Green Turquoise

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