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In leather or rubber, discover the different shoe soles offered by Melvin & Hamilton

Soles Melvin & Hamilton

100% leather

Traditionally, shoe soles are made of leather. Leather soles not only are undeniably elegant, they are also practical! The leather sole has a breathing function, which allows air to enter and moisture to escape. Over time it adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot, making the shoe more and more comfortable and encouraging natural walking.

One of the characteristics of our shoes at Melvin & Hamilton is our top-of-the-range leather sole, available in many colours, to give an original touch adapted to the unique design of each shoe.

A pair of shoes with a leather sole is timeless and elegant. It will perfectly match your looks with suit, on a daily basis or for special occasions!

Leather & rubber sole

In winter, to brace yourself against the harsh weather while remaining elegant wearing a suit, the leather & rubber sole is the perfect solution! The leather will keep its breathing function to let in air and out moisture, but it will also have a non-slip function with the rubber part. Perfect for remaining classy in winter!

Leather-rubber Soles Melvin & Hamilton

100% rubber

The rubber sole has long been present in the outdoor sector, but it has also found its place in our daily lives in our city shoes. Especially in winter, the thick rubber sole offers many advantages: it protects better from cold and rain, absorbs shocks and is slip resistant as well as ultra lightweight for optimal walking comfort. Discover by yourself the many advantages of a 100% rubber sole!

Rubber Sole Melvin & Hamilton

Kobe / Flo in 3 steps

Our new range of sneakers Kobe for men and Flo for women is not only innovative in its design, but also with its rubber sole made from 3 different molds. The first sole, the one in contact with the ground, is made of 100% lightweight natural rubber, resistant to weather conditions. The second sole with a hard plastic heel slightly raises the foot for perfect support and stability. The third one is made of the traditional wearlight sole, which can be found in most of our sneakers, and absorbs shock for optimal walking comfort.

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