Style Guide: How to wear Oxfords in spring?

Oxford shoes Bobby 3 and Sonia 1 Melvin & Hamilton

First known as "brogues" in Ireland and Scotland, oxfords are better known as richelieus in France.
Made from a single piece of leather, these shoes are an elegant choice for both men and women.

Our 2024 collection offers a new playground for the classic lines of timeless Oxfords. Available in a variety of materials, from smooth leather to embossed leather, they instantly add the finishing touch to your look. Oxfords in focus: find out how to skilfully integrate these timeless shoes into your wardrobe in our article.

01 What is the so called Oxford shoe and how do I recognise it?

Although they look similar and are often confused, oxfords and derbies are actually two different styles whose main difference lies in their lacing system. Oxfords are decorated with topstitching and a floral lace. With their closed lacing and eyelets under the upper, they are particularly suitable for a narrow instep.

02 Can you wear your Oxfords all year round?

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Oxfords are versatile shoes that are suitable for every season. Leather oxfords are a good choice in both summer and winter. As soon as the warm weather sets in, opt for suede Oxfords, which offer optimum comfort even in hot weather. In autumn and winter, thicker leather Oxfords are an excellent alternative as they offer protection from the elements while remaining flexible and stylish. Oxfords can be worn all year round, even with thin socks or tights!

03 Men's Oxfords: Which models should you choose?

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Leather oxfords are a staple in the men's wardrobe and go with any type of trousers and any occasion, from festive to business. For a formal look, choose brown or black oxfords and pair them with a long coat or suit. For more lightness, explore Melvin & Hamilton's colour palette and opt for two-tone styles, perfect with grey flannel trousers or slim-fitting raw jeans.

04 Women's Oxfords: Which models should you choose?

Women's oxfords Sonia 1 Melvin & Hamilton
Women's oxfords Selina 56 Melvin & Hamilton

The good news: leather oxfords are not just for men. Opt for a timeless black model or for models with fashionable details: bright colours, material layering and leo print. Whether with a thin or thick sole, wear your oxfords with a slit skirt or a short dress for a summery look. Planning a long walk? Then choose a pair of 7/8 jeans or rolled-up white trousers and wear invisible socks.