How to wear your leather monks for spring 2024?

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Since their invention in the 15th century, leather monks have come a long way in terms of style before becoming essential items in contemporary fashion. Originally worn mainly by clergymen, these buckled shoes have evolved over the centuries to become a symbol of sophistication, at the heart of trends every year. In smooth leather or suede, leather monks are now appreciated by men and women alike for their timeless elegance.

Monk shoes Selina 88 and Lewis 52 Melvin & Hamilton

In terms of design, the leather monk is a variation of the derby, without laces but with a flap closed by one or two buckles, also known as monkstrap or double monkstrap. Ideal for all foot shapes, from narrow to wider insteps, it competes with more traditional city shoes, such as Oxfords or leather loafers. Embraced by lovers of strapped shoes, the monk is a staple in the preppy wardrobe. Discover in our article how to style the various models of Melvin & Hamilton monks, for both men and women!

01 Men's fashion: all our style tips for wearing monks this spring

Brown monks for a summer wedding

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Camel is one of the essential colours for a festive spring wardrobe. For a formal, elegant look, opt for light-coloured leather monks and pair them with a well-cut beige suit. Go for straight-toe styles, and avoid overly imposing buckles and embellishments for a minimalist look. Wear a white cotton shirt, and choose a leather belt and socks a shade darker than your suit trousers.

Casual and sophisticated, the elegant two-tone monks

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For a more casual look, play with contrasts and choose two-tone monks. These comfortable models will keep you company through the seasons and on every occasion! For a day at work, for example, pair them with dark suit trousers and a well-cut white T-shirt or light-coloured shirt. For a long Easter weekend in the countryside, pair them with straight dark jeans and a light printed shirt.

02 Women's fashion: all our style tips for wearing monks this spring

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Two-tone monks to spice up a simple outfit

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Already spotted in the men's collection, opt for two-tone monks for a chic, casual outfit that can be worn to the office or the restaurant. Perfect for those who are short of inspiration in the morning, these models add depth to any look and transform a simple outfit into a cutting-edge look. For mid-season, pair your two-tone leather monks with 7/8 jeans or a velvet skirt, with or without tights. For your shoes, choose organic colours like camel, dark green or taupe.

The statement monks to stay on trend

Monk shoes women Jade 14 Melvin & Hamilton

When it comes to choosing your buckle shoes, you can either go for classic and timeless styles or opt for monks with chunky soles, dipped in vibrant colours or embellished with bold metallic details. In terms of look, go for minimalism: put your shoes and their contemporary lines centre stage by pairing them with high-waisted suit trousers and a plain white crew-neck T-shirt. Chic and simple!